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Mike Bell, B.A. (Hons)

“I first saw Mike after having two inconclusive MRI scans. Mike adopted a very thorough approach looking at the mechanics of my knee, stance and entire range of movement. Once he had identified the weak area areas he used a combination of massage, ultrasound and stretching over about 6 sessions and the results were superb. My knee pain has almost completely disappeared and Mike also gave me advice on what stretching and strengthening exercises I should do in order to stay pain free. I would recommend Mike to anyone suffering from any form of muscular or joint pain.”


My knee pain has almost completely disappeared...

“I have started using Mike Bell for sports massage once and sometimes twice a week in order to keep my legs in the best possible shape they can be and the reason why is because I am an aspiring professional cyclist.

I had a bad crash on my bike in September 2015 and was very sore in a lot of parts of my body and Mike really helped me get back to normality.

He is always happy, enthusiastic and never down.

Anytrhing new that I ask to try out in our massages he happily abides and is very keen on helping any patient he has with any problem by doing the research and studying to what he can do best for his clients.

He is always on time and acts very professional.

I am very glad I have found Mike and hope to be using him in years to come”.


I had a bad crash on my bike in September 2015 and was very sore...

“I have been training with Mike for well over a year now and the results have been impressive. I have lost weight but, more importantly, become much fitter, leaner, stronger and less injury prone – prior to the personal training I had a history of minor injuries from playing football.

Mike takes a holistic approach, building core strength and overall fitness, rather than just concentrating on “problem areas”. In the longer term this gives a much more balanced and sustainable outcome. He uses a variety of training methods, many (e.g. TRX) using balance techniques that quickly improve core strength. He makes it fun and variable too – yes he uses weights but you may find yourself standing on one leg on a Bosu rather than “pumping iron”!

I have used several trainers and Mike is definitely the best. He will work you hard but as part of a structured and well thought out strategy (unlike many trainers) – his gentle manner masks a steely determination to get results. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him, indeed several friends now use him and have seen similarly great results”.

....Jon Feast

I have used several trainers and Mike is definitely the best...

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What my clients say


“Awaiting an operation on my knee due to a skiing accident, I was advised by my physio to do some gentle strength building exercises. Mike Bell gave me 3 personal training sessions and within a short space of time I was able to cancel the operation! Mike is a great personal trainer and was instrumental in my recovery”


Awaiting an operation on my knee due to a skiing accident...

I have suffered from nagging neck pain and discomfort for several years after a whiplash accident; I know I have arthritis in my neck which I can do little about, but the pain is very draining at times..  It is particularly bad in the winter.  I went to Mike and he eases the problem through his deep massage techniques.  He has also used K-taping on me. It miraculously relieves the pressure on my neck.  I go back every month to maintain the improvement.  It has been wonderful to be pain free.


Persistent Neck Pain

I am tall and have suffered from a week lower back for many years due to various lifting injuries.  I have found Mike’s deep tissue massage invaluable in keeping me supple, flexible and strong.  He gives me exercises to do between sessions and I am a new woman!  No more draining, nagging pain.  He is great!


Lower Back Problems

Mike Bell has been fantastic! I have a suffered a very bad back injury which has left me some days, because of pain, totally imobile. I have had to put my Karate on hold because of injury, leaving me devastated.

In fact my life has been on hold, as the pain has stopped me doing all the things I love. Mike has been a huge help with my rehabilitation. Sports massage has been a HUGE help! Along with targeted correct exercises. All the wrong exercises I was doing only ever made my back worse and the pain severe. This is exactly what I needed as the GP will only give me painkillers and the physio hands out exercises on a sheet of paper which are totally inappropriate.

After years of struggle and begging for an MRI, I now know that I have bulging discs which cause my back to go into chronic spasms regularly. Already with Deep Tissue massage I have been in a lot less pain and more mobile. Mike really has the gift of healing hands. I will not hesitate to recommend to all my friends and my Karate Club family . If you have a sports injury or just suffering pain, this is guy to see!


Suffered a very bad back injury...

To say I am impressed by Mike's professionalism would be an understatement. Due to horrendous back pain I phoned Mike for an urgent appointment. I could hardly walk when I went into his surgery and had very little mobility and movement. After a consultation and treatment using what I describe as acupressure on the sensitive area of the back I was able to move slightly better. However we arranged a further appointment for 3 days later, where I received a further 1 hour treatment. I knew from the areas he was working on things were changing for the better.

5 days after seeing Mike I have been able to send him a message and tell him my mobility is great and most important my extreme pain has subsided.

I would highly recommend Mike to anyone for any type of injury or long term problem. He listens to what and how you explain your symptoms and is very enthusiastic in his chosen treatment for the problem. He is so easy to talk to and because of that you have complete confidence in him.


Horrendous Back Pain...

Mike Bell is fantastic. Myself and my husband went with neck and back problems. After 30 minutes with Mike we are like different people. FANTASTIC


Neck and Back Problems...

'I started to see Mike about 4 weeks ago after a couple of trips to the physio that hadn't achieved much.

I am a keen runner but have been suffering with some nasty running related injuries and thought I'd give sports massage a go. Mike has worked wonders with not only my injuries but my whole body. I am able to run almost injury free after only 4 30 minute sessions and my legs feel the best they've felt in a long while.

Mike is very easy to talk to and is keen to get to the bottom  problems. I look forward to continuing sports massage with Mike. Highly recommended'


Back Pain...

'II contacted Mike as I was suffering with upper and lower back and neck pain, following a quick conversation on the phone explaining my issues Mike booked me in the next day, I had 55min's of treatment and the results were amazing, after that one treatment almost all the pain had subsided and I had much better movement in my neck and shoulders, things continued to improve in the days to follow, I re booked in with Mike 5 days later again to work on my neck and also my lower back, and again I had great results, Mike even managed to get everything done in 30 mins, and offered me a refund as I'd paid for 55 mins.

Mike gave me some good tips and advise as well as exercises I could do at home to help me to stay pain free and strengthen the troublesome areas.

Mike is very professional in the way he works and has a great passion for what he does, I've spent thousands on a range of treatments ranging from Chiropractors to Acupuncture as well as others over the last 15 yrs trying to get on top of my issues and this is by far the best treatment I've had to date and the results were instant. To say I'm impressed is a understatement.

I'll continue to work with Mike in the yrs to come to maintain things and look forward to being pain free from here on in .


Upper & Lower Back Pain...