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Sports Massage

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Sport Massage Sunderland & Durham

Having worked as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and NASM Personal Trainer, I now combine all of my experience about how the body functions with my work as a Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist in my Newcastle Clinic.

I am a Level 5 qualified Sports Massage therapist, and my extensive knowledge , training and experience ensures that I can identify issues quickly and apply the correct approach and response to help my clients function and recover faster.

As a soft tissue specialist I help people of all ages and across all disciplines and lifestyles. Typical areas of tightness, injury and areas requiring speedy recovery from hard training, pain or injury include the knees, calves, back, shoulders, neck, lower back, hamstrings, thighs, chest and hips.  

Why Sports Massage?

People from all walks of life and levels of activity can, at times work their bodies too hard or inappropriately, sometimes unaware of the stresses placed upon it.

This can result in pain, injury or muscular imbalances. Often an individual is also unaware of the need to pay attention to their bodies’ needs in terms of helping it recover and function better.

Sports massage solves this problem.

In my experience there are primarily 6 different reasons and benefits why a person may choose sports massage:

Mike Bell Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage

Benefits of Sports Massage

Why Sports Massage?

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What is Deep Tissue Massage

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What is Sport Massage?

Sports massage is an advanced form of bodywork incorporating elements of various massage disciplines and techniques into a system which targets the efficient functioning of muscular and soft tissue structures within the body.

I use different techniques, depending on the person/issue as one size does not fit all. But typical approaches can include: frictions, muscle energy techniques, cross fibre frictions, neuro-muscular techniques, myofascial release, advanced stretching, k-taping, ultrasound, osteopathic assessment techniques and deep tissue massage.

On your first sports massage session, I carry out a consultation and assessment with a view to gaining more information and isolating the areas of the body which are to be worked on during the session. A treatment plan is created. The main part of the session will then involve advanced sports massage. At the end of the session I will suggest a plan of exercises and stretches to be done before the next session and any additional supportive information that is necessary to ensure safety and progress.  

Speeds the bodies recovery in between training sessions.

Warns against potential injury. This is because muscular tissue dysfunctions can be identified, weaknesses observed, and potential problems due to stresses can be identified earlier.

A highly effective treatment for soft tissue/muscular injury.

Speeds up the recuperation of injuries.

Reduction/management of pain.

Improving posture

Benefits of Sport Massage