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Trained originally in NLP and Hypnotherapy in 2000, and later as an HNLP Coach and Sports Hypnotherapist, I have assisted people across many sports and disciplines in improving and training their mindset in order to improve their performance.

People in general come to me for help in one of the following ways:

Sport Psychology in Newcastle Clinic

An established competent athlete or performer who wants to move to a higher level of competence.

An established competent athlete who makes mistakes that can be recognised as a pattern; i.e. you can predict in a given situation the mistake will occur.

Novice or developing athlete who wants to accelerate learning curve learning a new skill set.

Injured athlete who wants to optimise healing to return to optimal performance.

An athlete of any level who has setbacks or challenges such as anxiety, fear, panic, focus, overwhelm, confidence, self-belief, distractions, negative self-talk, pre-competition planning, lack of motivation.