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Weight Loss Newcastle, Durham and Northumberland

Do you want to :

1. Release yourself from diets, calorie counting and weight loss fixation.

2. Let your body be its natural weight and shape, permanently.

3. Eliminate the urge to eat when your body doesn’t need the food.

4. Enjoy food and eat when your body naturally wants food.

5. Overcome emotional food related issues.

6. Know deep down that you do not have a weight problem.

This 6 week weight loss program called ‘Eat Attention Training’ consists of 6 one hour  Coaching and Therapy sessions designed specifically for you in order to train and re-wire how your mind and body relates to food.

I will help you achieve weight loss naturally, enjoy food, and have more time and energy. By the end of the weight loss training, your confidence and strength will have increased, you will have lost weight and you will know that you don’t have a weight problem.

As well as being a coach and therapist for all forms of anxieties and addictions, I specialise in weight loss, and am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

My 6 week program which has delivered consistent great results for my clients is based on a decade of my research, education and experience of weight loss.  The approach is one where I incorporate counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic psychology and energy psychology. As a trained sports therapist I understand the body as well as the mind.

Having assisted many clients over the last decade, I know what works.

If this is of interest to you and you want to lose weight then please contact me for a free initial 1 to 1 consultation to discuss your goals and how we can achieve them.

Please contact me, either by phone (07754 937341 or 0191 2755019) email or live chat.

Further information can also be found at my therapy site here.